Isometric Energies for Recovering Injectivity in Constrained Mapping

A method for computing injective (one-to-one) and low-distortion maps under fixed-boundary or positional constraints

Robust Computation of Implicit Surface Networks for Piecewise Linear Functions

A robust method for computing implicit surface networks (e.g. arrangements and material interfaces) on a tetrahedron grid

Optimizing Global Injectivity for Constrained Parameterization

A method for globally injectively mapping a triangle mesh to plane while satisfying positional constraints

Boundary-Sampled Halfspaces: A New Representation for Constructive Solid Modeling

A novel representation for solid models to facilitate intuitive shape design and straightforward reverse engineering

Lifting Simplices to Find Injectivity

A method for injectively mapping 2D/3D meshes into a target domain

Quad Mesh Generation via Field-Aligned Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation

Generating high-quality quad-dominant meshes by aligning mesh edges to an underlying directional field and pairing triangles to quadrilaterals

Field-Aligned Isotropic Surface Remeshing

Isotropic remeshing triangle meshes by aligning triangle edges to a given directional field